White Deer Land Museum

Pampa In 1907-08

  1. The section house of the Santa Fe railroad at 315 W. Atchison (east of the present Pampa News building) was moved in from Kansas about 1900. In later years the former section house was used as an antique shop. Presumably the oldest existing Pampa building, it is now located at 936-938 S. Hobart.
    • The railroad water wells and storage tank were southeast of the section house.
    • The original 3-holer was north of the section house.
      Photo of Eloise Lane

      Eloise Lane

  2. The Holland House (Holland Hotel) at 116 W. Atchison began as the White Deer Land Company boarding house constructed by George Tyng in the fall of 1891. In 1912 Alex Schneider bought the Holland Hotel, made additions and established the first Schneider Hotel.
    • The ice house was north of the hotel.
  3. The first White Deer Land Company office in Pampa at 318 W. Atchison was constructed by George Tyng in the fall of 1891. Some of the company employees lived in the office building.
    • The exhibit house of the White Deer Land Company displayed products of area farmers in the summers of 1906-07-08.
  4. The general utility shop and storage of the land company was on the corner of W. Foster and S. Somerville … back of the office building.
  5. The residence of T. D. Hobart, second manager of the White Deer Land Company, was at 318 W. Foster. In later years this was the location of the Rex Theater where cartoons, vaudeville, cliffhanger serials and cowboy features entertained young people on Saturday afternoons.
  6. The horse barn and corral of the land company was on W. Foster east of the manager’s residence.
  7. Pampa ‘s first store was the Johnson Mercantile Company at 105 N. Cuyler. Built by J.F. Johnson in 1902, it opened for business on February 17, 1907 as J. N. Duncan Hardware and Furniture.
  8. Eli Vincent’s residence at 109 S. Cuyler became the residence of J. S. Wynne in 1907 when he moved his family to Pampa . Presumably Beryl and Alice Wynne boarded at this house when they were included among the 10 pupils in Pampa ‘s first school 1903-04.
  9. The second office of the White Deer Land Company in Pampa was constructed in 1906 at 124 S. Cuyler.
  10. The second store in Pampa was Harmon and Crump in the 101 block of S. Cuyler.
  11. Pampa ‘s first railroad depot was built in 1905 west of Cuyler Street between Atchison Street and the railroad. The depot burned in 1914.
  12. J. C. Rider’s home was at 303 E. Foster. His livery stable was between 101 S. Ballard and 100 S. Gillespie (present White House Lumber Company).
  13. Dr. V. E. von Brunow’s residence, which included his office and drug store, was at 101 S. Cuyler. This was also the third location of the Pampa post office with Mrs. Brunow as postmaster.
  14. John Tate was the owner of Pampa ‘s first barber shop.
  15. The residence of Thomas H. Lane , Pampa ‘s first postmaster, was at 221 E. Atchison . Laura Hobart Fatheree remembered playing on the cellar door and watching as bags of mail were thrown from the windows of trains as they passed. In those days trains did not stop at Pampa unless arrangements were made previously.
  16. Albert Square was named for Albert de Peyster Foster, brother of Frederic, a trustee of the White Deer Lands. This space is now occupied by the Schneider House, fire station and City Hall. Albert Square was deeded to the City of Pampa in 1912.

Over 200 Articles, written by Eloise Lane, were published in the Pampa News. These articles may be accessed by clicking on each section below. A list of articles will be revealed that are linked to a page containing the text of the article.

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